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Winter Valentine's Day Box - Seasonal Box Set


I'm pleased to introduce our seasonal box. This winter box set has a Valentine's Day theme and features the brand new "Strawberries and Cream Wash N Go Collection". The products in this collection were designed to "Hydrate and Define" your tresses giving you that fresh "wash n go" look that lasts for days! This is a TRUE wash n go. Simply apply water to your hair, add a generous amount of product and watch your curls come alive!! The elixir can be used separately or together with the texture enhancing lotion. The beauty of these products is that they dry quickly! Wash N Go's are impossible in cold weather climates, but not anymore! The average drying time for the Hydrate and Define Elixir and Texture Enhancing Lotion is 20-30 minutes depending on texture and density of hair. You'll love that you can comb your hair first thing in the morning and it will DRY by the time you leave the house for the day, espcially in those cold and frigid months when wetting one's hair is impossible. Both the elixir and lotion adhere to your coils like a gel. This is why they both hydrate and define. However, they are NOT gels and contain no alchohol. They have a slippery and soft consistenty. Simply massage products into hair in a circular motion and watch your curls pop. Both products are great for finger coils.  Boxes will not begin to ship until February 5th and there are only 100 boxes. Please add code FREEBOXSHIP at checkout for free shipping! 

Box includes 1 each

16 oz  Strawberries and Cream, Hydrate and Define Cleansing Conditioner.

12 oz  Strawberries and Cream, The Slip, Silk Detangling Conditioner.

12 oz Strawberries and Cream, Hydrate and Define, Wash N Go Elixer.

12 oz  Strawberries and Cream, Hydrate and Define, Texture Forming Lotion.

 Before and After.

Strawberries and Cream, Hydrate and Define, Wash N Go Elixir applied to clean slightly damp hair. 

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