Welcome to Hydro Quench Systems...



Can I order sample sized products?

Many of our products are available in 4 oz trial sizes. They are larger than your average 2 oz. sample and can be used more than once. We also have a 7 pc sample pack available. 


I'm a blogger. Can I receive free samples ? 

We love honest unpaid reviews! If you have a growing social media following and are interested in reviewing our products, we would love to send you a sample pack free of charge. Some restrictions may apply. 


Will you sponsor our hair/community/event?

We are always looking for ways to get our product to the public and give back. If you have a local hair show, event, or community organization function and are interested in sponsorship please contact us.

Can your products be purchased wholesale?

Yes! Please contact us at info@hydroquenchsystems.com 


Can I purchase your product at retail stores?

No. We are not in stores as of yet, but are currently making the transition. If you are interested in carrying our products please contact, info@hydroquenchsystems.com or use our contact sheet. 


Do you ship internationally?

We will ship products to you anywhere in the world. However, that is costly! If you are willing to pay the high shipping price, we will ship your order. I advise that if you are overseas to please contact us before placing an order so that we can go over shipping costs.

Can I use Hydro Quench Systems products on my child's hair?

Our products can be used on children ages 2 years old and up. 


Do you recommend your products for Caucausion hair?

Yes!  Our products were created to compliment texture. Anyone with curly, coily and frizzy hair can you our products. No matter if the texture of your hair is fine or coarse.  We have products that can be used for straight hair as well. We recommened all of our cleansers, oils and conditioners for all hair types. If you are uncertain of what products are right for you, please email customer service. 


Do you ship to APO/AE and P.O. Boxes?

Yes, we do.