to Hydro Quench Systems online store.

Here you'll find various natural and plant derived hair care products. Although we specialize in products for curly and kinky hair types, many of our wonderful formulations can be used on all hair types and textures.

If you are interested in trying a product, but are not sure how your hair may react, we suggest you order a sample size. Our products are 98% natural. Some of our products contain a very tiny amount of silicone (all ingredients are listed) and preservatives to maintain shelf life. A side from those two additives, all of our ingredients are organic and derived from herbs, roots, fruit, veggies and various plant sources.
Our products are made to order by hand in small batches and delivered to you fresh.  

We do not use bases of any kind! All products were formulated by our founder, Bianca J. Walker. Each product ordered from our online store was created fresh just for you. Some products are available fragrance free per your request. Our formulations are simple, clean and most importantly, they work!  We know that what separates our products from similar products on the market is the purity and quality of our ingredients. We believe that one's hair must also live a healthy lifestyle.

What we put in our hair is just as important as what we put in our bodies. Our goal is to serve our community with affordable, luxurious products, that promote love of self, environment and each other. You'll notice that our ingredient lists are minimal.

We formulate incredible products that work with out all of the chemicals and additives that aren't necessary or healthy to maintain the health of our hair. HQ Systems products are indeed a "system" and work simultaneously together to create maximum results the natural way. We take out the yuck and put in the good stuff!!

Bianca J. Walker