12 oz White Tea & Lemon 5 Day Moisture

Hydro Quench Systems

Shea Butter


"White Tea & Lemon 5 Day Moisture" is a unique styling butter that can be used for both twisting and casual styles. An infusion of whipped imported organic shea butter from Ghana, honey and olive oil; this creamy butter has the light density of a moisturizing balm, and penentrates deep into the hair shaft; unlike most Shea Butter's that sit atop of the hair and create a sticky film, White Tea & Lemon 5 Day Moisture is absorbed by strands giving them long lasting hydration. Avocado and coconut oils hydrate and soften kinks and coils. Neem, jojoba and honey define texture. The herbal proprieties of White Tea and Lemon clarify, heal and restore broken spit ends. Organic White Tea & Lemon are natural micro bacterial deterents that eliminate product build up and naturally eliminate bacteria. Use for exceptionally defined twist outs and styling.
This is definitely not your average Shea Butter!! We gurantee the silkiest and softest Shea Butter on the market! Quench the thirst of your tresses for up to 5 days! 

No Mineral Oils, Parabens or Petroleums.